mgmflogoMary Guruama Memorial Foundation (MGMF) is a non-profitable organization established in 2003 by a group of senior members from Nepali Isai Mandali (Gyaneshwor Church). Initially the main purpose of the organization was to provide food and shelter for helpless and destitute elderly women in need. As time went by more areas were identified which were equally important like poverty, illiteracy, education of poor children, lack of basic knowledge about personal and family hygiene, different kinds of communicable diseases and natural disaster which had an adverse effect specially on the marginalized group of people. A more careful analysis of these problems led to the realization for the need to provide a community development service to address these problems focusing on following activities: women empowerment through income generation program, non-formal education with an emphasis on literacy, health and hygiene, disaster preparedness, youth empowerment and strengthening and utilization of local resources. The church council voted to register Mary Guruama Memorial Foundation.

mgmf1Accordingly MGMF was registered with the government of Nepal (Reg. No 408-062-063, Home Ministry and District Administration Office Kathmandu) and affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC Affiliation No 19046). A residential service for destitute people has been running since 1995.

MGMF is committed to support the needy families of the church and the neighboring communities through direct and indirect development and spiritual programs.


To transform the community socially, economically and spiritually.


Adults are learning reading and writing skill in NFE class


To help improve the social, economical and spiritual life of the disadvantaged and young people by providing skills and training to equip them to be self-sufficient.


The Mary Guruama Memorial Foundation aims to assist poor children, unemployed women and young people by providing food and shelter, non formal and formal education in order to live a life of dignity. MGMF also aims to provide basic education on HIV/AIDS, disaster preparedness through workshop and awareness programs, as well as provide basic help to victims of natural disaster.

Elderly People Home members (Bethany Ashram)

Elderly People Home members (Bethany Ashram)


The specific objectives of Mary Guruama Memorial Foundation, Nepal are;

  • To provide food, shelter and spiritual services to the helpless and poor especially elderly.
  • To provide scholarship to needy and disadvantaged children to enable them to complete their high school education.
  • To build capacity of grassroots level women’s group.
  • To work with other organization and be thorough to raise the awareness of women and children on health, HIV/AIDS.
  • To develop income generation programs.
  • To create awareness at regional levels for disaster preparedness.
  • To help reduce the poverty of the disadvantaged people by providing skill, training and other assistance.
  • To address the national issues on peace and justice by networking.
  • To support government activities as programs to help the disadvantaged improve their quality of life.
Income Generation Program (Supperflour selling by a member)

Income Generation Program (Supperflour selling by a member)


  • Faith in God and His guidance
  • Unified system, holistic approach
  • Equality and equal opportunity
  • Integrity
  • Love
  • Transparency
  • Respecting social and cultural values

Working Approach

Mary Guruama Memorial Foundation Nepal works under the guidance of God and encourages spiritual growth through the transformational Love and Care of Jesus, to reach the unreachable and improve their quality of life through spiritual and developmental programs.

1. Direct Program

  • Non Formal Education – To facilitate the ability to read and write
  • Scholarship Program – To encourage children to complete up to school level education
  • Income Generation – To uplift economic status
  • Self-esteem building – To build confi dence and integrity
  • Counseling – To live a balanced life
  • Shelter – To help elderly people
Non Formal Education facilitators

Non Formal Education facilitators

2. Indirect Program

  • Skill training – To strengthen capacity of local groups
  • Saving and credit cooperatives – To empower economically
  • Workshops – To bring awareness about current issues
  • Disaster preparedness – To help, prevent or mitigate disasters
  • Networking -To achieve Millennium Development Goal

Present Activities

  • Non formal education
  • Income generation
  • Skill training
  • Scholarship
  • Relief services
  • Networking on HIV/AIDS, environment and health
  • Ambulance service for neighboring communities and church members.

Contact Us

Mary Guruama Memorial Foundation
P.O.Box: 1131
Maligaon Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: (977 1) 4414489,

Youth are planting trees beside riverside

Youth are planting trees at riverside

Income Generation Program (shoe shop run by a member)

Income Generation Program (shoe shop run by a member)